Menu Plan Monday - April 18th Passover

This is the week of Passover and we are planning to eat well.  I have been cooking up a storm for the last two days.  I have the recipes scheduled to print during the week.  Hopefully, each day, something will come up in Comfy Cook's Kosher Kitchen and here.

Monday - the first seder - Chicken with Vegetables in a sweet and sour sauce with an apple-carrot kugel, guacamole, salad with mangoes, cranberries and greens.  We will also have gefilte fish patties, chicken soup with mock noodles.  Of course, we will have matzah and more matzah .

Tuesday - Brisket with mini carrot kugels and mashed potato knishes.  We will also have baked gefilte fish, chicken soup with noodles, and matzah. 

Wednesday - Mini Shepherd's Pies with sweet potato kugel and zucchini, tomatoes and onions.  More gefilte fish as the first course.  Brownies and chocolate chip cookies.

Thursday - Orange soy salmon with potato muffins and salad.

Friday - Chicken

Saturday - Chulent

Desserts for the week:
Blondies with chocolate chips
Blondies with cranberries and almonds
Coffee Brownies
Gushy Brownies
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Apple Strawberry Crisp
Five pounds more, at least........groan



  1. All your meals for the week sounds delicious! I love brisket.

  2. What a fantastic blog you have here Bizzy. I am thrilled you came to visit. Now I have discovered and joined you. I have so much to learn about Passover and I know this is where I can finally understand. I wish I was at your place to taste all these wonderful flavours.

  3. It sounds like you've got some delicious passover meals ahead of you!


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