How to Make Croutons

Some of you may be wondering why I am even writing about this but I have never made croutons before.  A few weeks ago, I made a salmon that called for croutons, in the coating.  Normally, I would ignore that and sub in some kind of crumb or corn meal or nuts.  This time, I was motivated to make the croutons.  There comes a point when it sounds plain silly to be avoiding making croutons.

Not only that but our freezer housed a gluten-free loaf of bread that was commercially made and sitting on a shelf for months.  I always buy one, in case, we do not have time to bake a fresh loaf.  As of yet, I can't remember ever using them, at least not for bread.  They do make good bread crumbs.

This isolated loaf was getting an inferiority complex, sitting in the cold, so I decided to use it for a higher purpose, croutons.  Actually, this was an exciting moment, for me.  I am very protective of our homemade bread and refuse to use the loaves for crumbs or croutons, unless the bread is in the form of broken pieces that can't be used as sandwiches.

I ended up at EHow Food to find out how to make the very best croutons.

How to Make Croutons    (adapted)

eHow Food & Drink Editor


things you'll need:

  • 4 c. bread - cut in 1/2-inch cubes
  • 2/3 c. olive (not virgin) oil
  • salt and pepper

    • Heat the oven to 275 degrees.
    • 2
      If seasoning the croutons with herbs or other seasonings, add them to the oil now.
    • 3
      Place the bread cubes in a mixing bowl and toss by hand with some of the olive oil and a few generous pinches of salt and pepper.
    • 4
      Toss the bread cubes well with one hand and continue adding  oil so each cube is coated evenly and lightly. Be careful not to oversaturate the cubes with oil.
    • 5
      Arrange the bread cubes on a baking sheet in a single layer and place in the oven.
    • 6
      Cook for about 10 minutes, then toss with a spatula and return to the oven. Repeat after another 10 minutes, tasting a cube this time. The croutons should be partly crispy and beginning to turn golden.
    • 7
      Continue to cook and toss periodically until the croutons are golden and crispy throughout. Taste them as they cook to make sure.

      I think I oversaturated the bread cubes in the oil because mine were greasy and my hubby did not like them.  

      I have no idea why making croutons has intimidated me.  It is easy to do although a little tedious, getting each one coated.  I have learned how to make them better than the first time.  Next time, I have a loaf of commercial bread, I would be willing to make these again.  Of course, that will probably be, next March before Passover.

      Below is a photo of the salmon with the croutons.  Note, I did not crumble them, as directed.  I was using my croutons, whole, in all their glory.


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