Corn and Tomato Sautee

I don't remember much about food from my childhood other than it was always on the table when it was "supposed" to be.  I kind of remember, chicken a green vegetable and a potato.  There were variation but the theme stayed the same, meat, carb and green vegetable.  Meatballs, rice and peas.  Oh yes, peas and green beans were the green vegetables, we usually had although I also remember creamed spinach.  Never even saw a zucchini until after I was married.

We eat differently nowadays and are more adventurous with food, probably because of blogging.  Yet, my memories of my childhood food is a positive one.  Something about it was nurturing and loving.  Perhaps, because Mom was a Stay At Home Mom.  It was great knowing that I would come home from school and Mom was there, waiting for me.

My oldest children at a SAHM and my younger did not.  I wish I could see the differences in them because of it.  That is, if there were differences.

Anyway, I love corn and always did.  I must have had it as a child.

 Corn and Tomato Saute

I have made the combination of corn and tomatoes before and the dish was one, we really liked.When, I saw this one, I did not hesitate to go with it, once again, in a different recipe.

This wins for the easiest recipe to make and yet it excels as a side dish.

Pan Sauteed Corn and Tomatoes adapted from Poor Girl Gourmet


2 tablespoons olive oil
1 onion, finely chopped
2 cups corn kernels
1 pint cherry or grape tomatoes
kosher salt
ground black pepper


Heat olive oil in skillet and fry onion.  (I wanted a crisp onion, browned and even slightly overcooked.  I love them, this way.)
Add corn and cook for two minutes.
Add tomatoes and cook for another 3 minutes.
Remove from eat and add salt and pepper to taste.
Top with shaving of basil.
This is an easy dish that tastes just right.


  1. Now that looks good. I wish I could order a big plate right out of the computer for lunch. Maybe with a slice of hot, buttered cornbread. Mmmm!

  2. why, that looks like a yummy corn salsa dear! Nice and easy recipe - we too love corns in many different ways:)

  3. salsa, corn what more can you ask for with this healthy creation~

  4. I have never made a corn and tomato sautee but will have to try it because it looks so yummy.


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