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Since, I have closed down Chaya's Comfy Cook, I am moving my group recipes from Craving Ellie in My Belly  (CEiMB).  For those of you, who are new to this group, we are cooking Ellie Krieger recipes from her two books, So Easy and The Food You Crave.  Ellie known for healthy eating and the group has found that most of her recipes are easy and delicious.  We make everything from main dishes, sides, salads, soup, to desserts, baked goods and drinks and anything I may have left out.  You might want to join in with us and if so, stop by the site and sign up.  The group is composed of the nicest people and there is an active core.

This week, we made Asian Noodle Bowl.  I looked at the long list of ingredients and moaned but found out quickly, each was easy to locate and to work with.  The recipe calls for three items, I changed.  Instead of soba noodles or wheat spaghetti, I used gluten free  thin rice noodle (not the usual rice noodles but those take only a few minutes to cook.)  I had two cooked chicken breasts in the refrigerator which were lightly breaded and instead of taking two new "naked" ones, I used these.  Instead of the chicken broth, I used vegetable broth.  Other than that, I was pretty much on target.

The recipe went very quickly.  The noodles cooked quickly and while they cooked, I cut up and cooked whatever was necessary.  Since my chicken was previously cooked, it only took the time of cooking vegetables and heating the chicken.  It went from stove to table in a matter of minutes.
Hubby's Dish - Where did his red pepper go?

My husband liked this.  I don't know how he zeroes on Ellie's recipes but each time, I make one, he tells me he likes it before he knows where I got the recipe from.  I would be really doing well if I just cooked from Ellie's recipes.  We both enjoy them and they are healthy.

Tune in for next week when we cook a recipe that Ellie chose for us and I am not sure if it is out for the public yet.  It is on Ellie's site if you are curious as to what we are doing.

This recipe was chosen by Margaret of Tea and Scones, and a good choice, it is.  The recipe will be posted on Margaret's blog. Thanks Margaret.


  1. Good job on the noodle bowl. My husband always likes Ellies recipes as well.


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