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Spicy Egg and Avocado Wrap
Marthe of  baking blue finger

This recipe should have been doomed from day 1 but it wasn't.  It was a series of events that kept me saying, "I will skip this one."

First, I didn't get to see it until late .
Then, I could not locate the recipe and I still have not.
I did find something online with the ingredients and I put them together and hoped this is what Ellie wanted.
Then, I could not locate corn meal wraps.
I knew I did have an avocado but that seemed to be missing.
I didn't have a cucumber.
Does this sound like a game to you.  It felt like one.  Each time, I took a step forward, something else went awry.
Hubby rescued me and brought home from work, tonight, my cucumber and wraps.  I found the avocado.

In the meanwhile, not knowing if hubby was going to find what I needed, I made another dinner, a delicious corn-potato soup and sole in an orange/honey-mustard sauce.  In the end, we ate the fish with the wrap and finished the meal with a little soup.

Despite all the issues that popped up, this was a good - no a great dinner.  The soup was yummy.  The fish was unbelievable and the wrap was a delicious discovery.

I did have great difficulty getting the wrap to close as you will see.


  1. I have the same problem i was thinking of making some dish and don't have ingredients for that so end up making something else. wrap looks delicious.

  2. This a great looking wrap, Chaya! Quite tasty!

  3. Wow you had some problems, but your wrap turned out really tasty looking after all that. We liked these actually.

  4. Your wraps look delicious, thank you for persevering despite all the problems you had with the recipe :)

  5. That looks good! Thanks for linking up.

  6. What a great combination! Thanks for linking this to Fat Camp Friday, see you next time!


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