Soy Simmered Chicken - Donna Hay

****I have decided to move my Donna Hay posts here from My Sweet and Savory since I have put it to sleep.  I love my Donna recipes and want to share them with you.  There will be several new posts brought over and I do hope you make some of them.  Donna produces good recipes.***

Wednesday is approaching which means Donna Hay comes onto the scene.  This week, I chose the recipe and as a lover of chicken cutlets and sauces with soy as a main component, this was easy to select.  This recipe took little time to prepare as well as a short time to cook. 

Hubby called to tell me when he was due home.  Twenty minutes before that time, I started with the chicken.  I had taken out the ingredients when I arrived home from work.  I was ready to go.

The cutlets cooked in the liquid which thickened up and which I added to fried rice.  Yummy.  I also served spinach to make a well balanced dinner, for us.

This used more sesame oil than I usually use and I was nervous because that is not a favorite but it must have worked since I didn't taste it.  I used Mirin for the cooking wine.  I am not sure what the Chinese wine referred to. 

This worked in well with the leftover rice.  Someone had asked me to make them a side dish, the other day and I made two casseroles, no additional cooking.  I simply microwaved the spinach (I only had frozen) and I had dinner on the table, on time.  Happy husband ---- happy me.

Soy Simmered Chicken (page 100 in Modern Classics I )

This had only a few ingredients, ginger, Mirin, cinnamon,anise, sesame oil, soy sauce and the chicken cutlets.  I don't have the recipe in front of me.  I think, I got all the ingredients.  Will get the book and check it out.  Making this basically meant mixing the ingredients and cooking the cutlets in it.  How easy is that?

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