Easy Apple Tart - Donna Hay

This is an easy recipe, which I have found all the Donna Hay recipes, so far to be.  This is good because I have little time and I enjoy cooking with a group.  It helps me to see what others have done with their recipes or how they turned out.  
After, I finished this recipe, I found someone who made this in muffin cups instead of flat which the recipe called for.  It was a prettier presentation and could be held in the hand although, it might be greasy to hold.

This uses puff pastry which is the trick to get to easy.  I would guess that slicing the apple is the most time intensive step and you know how easy it is to slice an apple.  Mine baked for 12 minutes so even the baking does not waste time.  I cleaned my kitchen while waiting.

I overdid the cinnamon because we love it. I found it was worth it when I took my first bite.

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  1. wow! I love a easy but absolutely delicious dessert. This one is a keeper. My husband would love it too because he loves his apples.

  2. I remember making these. So easy and so good. Perfect with ICE CREAM!!


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