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Wedding and Funeral

My grandson got married one day and on the next, his mother, my daughter died.  At this point, I don't know when I will return but not as quickly, as I thought. I do want to continue and I do want to share and as soon as I am stronger, I plan to be back and I am hoping, with some good thoughts and great recipes. I thank you for your kind thoughts and condolences. Chaya

Maple Noodle Kugel - Blog Direction

I would like to continue my train of thought from the last post about changes to this blog.  Besides adding a new dimension of life in school, I want to focus on my cooking and baking.  I asked myself  questions and the answers made my think, quite clear. To work in my schedule, I want to make quick and easy and delicious recipes.  That was the initial intent of this blog but at that time, I was labeling these recipes, as special.  They are not special.  They are what makes me a cook. I learned a long time ago that the difficulty of a recipe does not make its merit.  There are times two or three ingredients, mixed together, make magic.  Usually, they are not as beautiful or intricate as those that we put hours into.  I don't have those hours, not if I want to keep my life to open to family,  job and other interests. Life throws us curves and we can only go with them and make the best of them.  At this point in my life, we have two biggies going on and the need for that QED co

Pecan Crunch Cake ---- Still Having Blogging Difficulties

Hi Everyone, I am still can't access my blog normally.  I call my route in, the back door, and I am hoping someone relates to the problem and can help me.  Google has stopped responding so I am sitting out here on a cloud, in the sky, just floating around, not being able to ground myself and walk into my blog through the front door. This feeling of floating is not a bad one and I have enjoyed a full week off.  I had hoped, there would be a solution and since there is not, I plan to hobble along.  I do miss my blog. I have had a lot of thinking time and in that span, idea after idea popped up and then of course, disappeared. I must carry a small notebook with me to jot down these thoughts. I was giving consideration to what changes, I would like to make.  I know, my dream has always been to mix my new passions, teaching and cooking.  I have never found a way to mix the two.  I could use some thoughts from you. I came to writing something about my teaching day and then talk

Spinach, Mandarin and Almond Salad

I have not gotten access to my blogs but I have found a back door, so to speak, which does get me here.  Of course, each time, I can't find it and search for a while before I have arrived here. The blog is like a little house with a front door and a back door.  Right now, the front door is locked and I at first, felt helpless as to what to do.  Actually, I still  feel pretty helpless.  I have written to Blogger and they are attempting to help me.  Hopefully, I will be able to come in through the front door again, soon. I am happy, we built this Blogger cottage with a back door though.  Can you imagine having no way in to your home or blog.  I could write a great story about the family who could not get into their home. I had been, in the middle of sharing some of Estee Kafra's recipes with you and then I ran into blog trouble and some complications in life in general.  Hoping to get back to myself and to changing this blog a bit. I have not used mandarin oranges in a

Blueberry Yogurt Cake - Donna Hay and My Blog Problem

In case, I disappear, I want you to know that I can't access my blog.  There is no login on top and although you can see the blog, I don't know how to get to the dashboard. So what am I doing here?  Accidentally, through some backdoor, I arrived but I am not sure, I can do this again.  I have no idea what I did.  Since, I am here, I want to share this delicious cake with you.  It is my pick for WWDH, Wednesdays with Donna Hay.  I selected it because I know that hubby always wants a new cake, a rather plain one with nothing but nuts or fruit inside.  This fills the bill.   I used frozen blueberries since it is off season.  The recipe was an easy one but I say that every week.  Donna is a realistic chef and makes cooking and baking easy.  Rarely does one of her recipes take more than 30 minutes.  Her recipes are also usually delicious.  We have liked almost everything I have made. ******Please check out our other members and see what they have made this week. Gaye , M a


Dear fellow bloggers, My apologies for not getting the weekly meatless Monday post out but. at the last minute, I had to go out of town, and there was no time. If you heard the stories of JFK closing down several times, the past few days, you may have a clue what I have been doing.  Sitting in crowded airports and sitting on crowded planes that stayed in one place.  I am pleased to say, I handled this well, little frustration and a good attitude.  I am getting to a point in life where so much is just not that important and that it can be handled with a smile. It also gave me time to think about how I am feeling about this blog.  It has become static and I am getting bored or even burnt out so I am going to make some changes.  It has been a while since I have linked up recipes except on two or three sites and I have left messages at even less although I have enjoyed visiting many of you quietly.  My heart has not been in this. I am going to continue posting recipes but I

Middle Eastern Vegetable Salad - Ina Fridays - Ina Garten

I have linked this to a wonderful  link-up  s   Cook-Your-Books  in found at the outstanding   Kitchen Flavours .  If you have cooked a recipe from any cookbook, you might want to go on over and link it up also. My husband returned home from out of town and I wanted to make him something special so I asked.  Not a giggle out of you guys, please.......... He asked for mac and cheese.  I am guessing he was eating a lot of meat while away.  I know that every time, I spoke with him, he was eating on the run or making food for his grandkids.  For a man who usually eats vegetables and dairy, I don't think he got too much of these. He asked for it so he got it but I made a delicious salad to enhance the pasta dish.  Please keep in mind, I had all kinds of exotic plans, for this meal. Since Ina Friday is this week and we are doing sides, I am using this dish as my Ina contribution.  The recipe is found on page 101 of How Easy is That?  I got the book when it first came out