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Back for Donna Hay

When I took a break after the death of our daughter, I made a very good decision which was not to blog until May.  In that way, I did not go through the conflict of should I blog today or should I wait longer.  Since today, our Donna Hay group shares, I thought it would be a good and happy starting place. I must admit, I had no desire to blog during this entire time.  I could not connect to food in the same way, I used to do.  I made meals and for the longest time, I took no photos.  For those of you who know, a meal does not start without a camera handy, you understand how alien that should have been.  It wasn't.  I started leaving the camera on a shelf in the kitchen, hoping I would take some pictures and slowly I would remember and take a shot.  Now, I have a bunch of pictures and I am not sure what the recipes are that should match them. The loss of anyone has a strong impact on a family but the loss of a child is bewildering.  There is no way to understand it or to put one