Vegetable Soup with Pasta

I am kosher which means we do not eat milk products and meat at the same meal.  When, I selected this recipe, I knew, I would have to choose if I was going to make the soup with the cheese or with the meat.  We have been eating little meat so I decided, a hearty soup with sausage would go a long way.

Browning the onions and sausage gave a rich flavor to this soup and there was a contrast in textures between the noodles and sausage.  The vegetables, zucchini, tomato, onion, carrot and peas were just the right taste sensations for a soup filled with flavor.  This one should be seen on our table, quite often.

This is only the third recipe I have made from Thirty Minute Pasta and I can say, they all have been delicious.  Each one has been easy to make and fulfilled the required 30 minutes.  It is a pleasure, to come home from work and have a delicious filling meal, on the table in such a short time.

 I bet you would like to join in the fun and cook with us.  Having light pasta dishes, once a week, is such a pleasure.  If you are a pasta lover, come on and join us.
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  1. This looks great. It's hard to get my kids to eat veggies but they do like soups, so I make a lot of them.
    What kind of sausage do you use? I have never tried sausage! I always think of it as a non-kosher ingredient...
    -- Rivki

  2. Hey Bizzy, thanks for stopping by my blog. I'd love the info about the Dorie club! :) Please send it my way if you have a moment. rivkilocker at gmail dot com. Thanks loads.

  3. Yum! I love that kind of sausage in soups!

  4. I nominated ur blog for babbles top 100 :-) and voted for u too!
    Ur 67 there , now , please ask ur frens and family to vote for u too and win away....

  5. I haven't made this soup yet, so your review was fabulous! You're part of the round up at Can't Believe We's a pleasure to have you, and thanks so much for the linky!!

  6. That looks great. I think you made the right choice with the sausage over the cheese. Yum!


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