Menu Plan Monday

 This week, I got the Taste of Home Holiday magazine and I have selected a few recipes from there, to make.  You will see me using up frozen spinach, frozen broccoli, pasta, flour and chopped chicken.  Each step makes a less crowded freezer and cabinet.
Sunday - eating at a friend's

Monday - Broccoli Egg Cups

Tuesday - Leftover roast

Wednesday -Pasta with Meat Sauce

Thursday - Potato, Carrot and Spinach Puff Pancake

Friday - Chicken

Saturday - Chulent


  1. Your menu sounds yummy- I have no idea what Chulent is so going to google that - also the savory pancake - we make a sweet puff pancake we love so might really enjoy that.

  2. would you mind to share the broccoli egg cup recipe?
    would love to have it and serve my bunch thanks


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