Bake with Bizzy 11

It is time to explain what I envision for Bake with Bizzy.  I love desserts and I am happy to have the opportunity to add so many, from all of you, to my baking list.  I would love to see more bread and what about a new take on baked potatoes?  What do you bake besides dessert.  Feel free to link both your sweet and your savory.  The only qualifier is that it is baked.

I am baking for the soldiers again so you should be seeing some new cookies.  I limit myself in what I bake since these are traveling far from my home.  With the heat and possibly rough treatment, I want to give those cookies, the best shot.  It is exciting to send to those who fight for our country and it is even nicer to do it the right way.

I welcome suggestions for cookies to bake that are relatively simple to make and will not die on the way to our heroes.  I would appreciate it, if you could also link up cookie sites on the Net, that you like so I can find more recipes.  I am selfish and despite my desire for easier recipes, I don't want to get bored.  Thanks for you support in the endeavor.

If you are interested in baking for the troops, to to Baking Girls or Operation Baking Girls.

Last week, we had a star, the Wednesday Baker.  Andi Winslow loves to bake cookies and has a striking blog to share these with all of us.

I grew up on Black and White Cookies and Andi has one that looks more professional than the bakeries and I bet, tastes even better.