Apple and Cabbage Kugel

Kugels are very much part of my family's life. I realized that some of you may not know what a kugel is. I will take this time to explain it and then give you another kugel recipe.

Kugel is a Jewish dish from Eastern Europe. Some say, it has been around for over 800 years. Kugels can be sweet or savory. I was just about to say, I make more savory kugels than sweet but when I started listed them, I realized how wrong that is. Some fall into both categories.

Sweet: Apple, Carrot, Sweet Potato, Rice, Noodle (luckshen), Cheese, Corn

Savory: Broccoli, Potato, Cauliflower, Rice, Noodle, Spinach

There are many more. Some people use the sweet kugels for dessert and some of us, use them as sides. I do have a savory potato kugel which has meat and is used as a main course.

They say kugels are like pudding but I think, they are too complicated to be puddings and most are not as soft as a pudding. It doesn't matter. All I know is that they are delicious.

The one, I am sharing today, is a new one, for me. I found it on Culinary Kosher. It is such a contrast it tastes, the crispness of apples (which I added to the original recipe and the cabbage).

Apple and Cabbage Kugel adapted from Culinary Kosher


1 bag of shredded cabbage

 2 onions, diced

dash of black pepper

2 teaspoons sugar

3 egg separated

2 tablespoons canola oil

3 tablespoons potato starch

2 apples, peeled and sliced


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Saute the onions together with the cabbage.

Add the sugar and pepper.

Beat the egg whites with a pinch of salt until stiff.

Beat the egg yolks with the oil and potato starch

Add the cabbage mixture and apples and mix well.

Fold in the egg whites (gently).

Pour into 9 inch square pan and bake at 350 for about 50 minutes.


  1. I love kugel. The crisp apples is a great twist. I wish I had potato starch.


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