Salmon with Almond Brown Butter - Donna Hay

This title tells what I made but not what the group made.  The correct dish is 

White Fish with Pine Nut Brown Butter.  Ok, mine is  fish and has the butter but my changes were major.  

When I ran out of pine nuts, a few months ago, I did not replace them because of the price.  That is where the almonds come in; they are my replacement in this recipe.  I was planning on picking up white fish in the store but it has been so cold, I opted out of facing the ice and freezing temperature and settled for salmon which was already, in the house.

I admit, I am not at all sorry, because I love salmon and almonds are as good as pine nuts, in my opinion.  This quick dish was delightful.  It was mild flavored and on spinach, it seemed perfect.

The ingredients were few, butter, almonds, lemon juice, salmon and spinach.  I added a little water when I put the spinach in the pan, for the last two minutes.   It came together easily and took little time.  I recommend it.

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  1. Why, oh why, are pine nuts so expensive? I bought a packet for two recent Donna Hay recipes (the other was risotto with feta and pine nuts in January). Those two recipes used up my pine nuts and I think you have the right idea about looking for substitutions.

    Salmon and spinach are another great combination. Do you remember when we made salmon topped with cooconut spinach? That was also tasty.

  2. I have never had a pine nut. I have it in my head that they might taste like pine trees smell! I passed on this one this week as we are not big fish people. Glad you enjoyed it!

  3. Your recipe change-ups look tasty and delicious and definitely inspired by Donna Hay recipes! Your camera work looks great as well. :-) We loved this recipe and I'm definitely of a mind to make it over and over again.

  4. Yummo - this looks fabulous, and the salmon and nuts would have been a treat.

  5. Your salmon looks lovely! Almonds were going to be my fall back nut if I couldn't find pine nuts.

  6. Pine nuts are RIDICULOUS when it comes to price. I love them bur rarely buy them. They were good with this fish. I'll have to try it with salmon.


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