Bizzy the Explorer Searches for Corn

  Hi Everyone,
I am back and this week, I am looking for corn recipes.  Why corn?   I love it.  I want to expand my corn recipes and I do keep running into them, on my travels.  Stay with me and see how to make corn wearing different hats.

We find corn in a variety of types of dishes.  As an example, look at this tamale pie from All That Splatters.  It is the topping that really appeals but look at the corn mixed in with the meat.

Zesty Creamed Corn
from Savoring Time in the Kitchen   I think, my favorite corn dishes are creamy but I like it in everything.
Summertime Succotash Salad - This is a beauty.  I wish it were summer.

Roasted Corn and Potato Soup
from What Would Cathy Eat  The truth is that I love both potato soup an corn soup so what could be better than having both vegetables in one soup?

Go and make some corn.


  1. I also love corna and add it to almost everyhing I make; comes out sooo good.

  2. Thank you for including me in your corn recipes! I look forward to corn season every year.

  3. Corn is such a good side dish. It satisfy both for nutrition and, if you crave something sweet, it's a great, healthy way to get it.
    A bowl of plain corn - can't beat it.

  4. Love all of these corn recipes!


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