Potato Leek Soup - Donna Hay - WWDH

The color is off in this photo and all the others I took.  The soup is not yellow but a cream color.
There is nothing like hot soup on a cold night and today was under freezing and it was cold, very cold.  Fortunately for us, this week our Donna Hay group is making a creamy warm potato and leek soup.  It also calls for bacon which we do not eat.

As in most of our recipes, Donna calls for ingredients that are accessible or easily subbed for.  This week, besides leeks and potatoes, the recipe called for vegetable broth (actually beef stock), sage, cream and salt and pepper.  I have no idea what she is referring to when she says cream and I used sour cream.

I also changed the recipe by using my immersion blender and mixing the soup into a nice creamy consistency.  We love the richness of this soup and we both enjoyed it.

Check out Gaye, Margaret, Sarah and Kayte and see how their soups turned out.


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