Lunch - Faux Garlic Crab with Buttery Spinach

I have not been adding lunches to my page above and it is about time, I got back on track.  Today, I remembered that I had a package of faux crab in the freezer and it has been there since Passover.  Time to use it.  Hubby does not like it which indicates it is the perfect lunch for me.

I am serious about getting in my veggies so baby spinach wins, once again, which is common for such a versatile vegetable.  A simple lunch, easily assembled and so right for lunch,.

Garlic Crab with Buttery Spinach


1/3 pound of baby spinach
1/3 package of faux crab
1 tablespoon butter
1 teaspoon minced garlic


In microwave or in pot on stove, defrost faux crab with butter, for 2 minutes.  Add minced garlic and microwave for another minute or until mock crab is completely defrosted and heated.

In a bowl, microwave dry spinach for 1 minute and then combine all the ingredients.  Microwave again for an additional minute.

Eat and Enjoy.


  1. A perfect lunch! Would be lovely eaten with some white steam rice!


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