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I rarely eat bread, only because the bread in our home, is gluten-free.  That is not a disparaging remark.  I value each loaf, we make, but can easily wait to make it again.  Hubby takes sandwiches,  four days a week and I want to ensure, we do not run out.

It is funny, baking bread is interesting but baking the same recipe, week in - week out is simply boring.  Hubby wants this particular recipe and since he is eating it, who am I to experiment? 

Yesterday, I treated myself to a loaf of rye bread to make this fabulous sandwich.  Normally, I would use white bread but the rye was sitting on the shelf asking me to take it home.  I am a good listener.

In our group, the Kosher Connection, this month, the challenge is to make, The Best Thing I Have Ever Made, but that is impossible.

How many favorites do you have?  What do you love the most in food dishes.  Not easy to answer?

For two weeks, I bounced back and forth between ideas and changed the designated dish, time and again.  I was about ready to pick anything good but I felt like a cheater.  I looked back on my blogs and hoped to be inspired.  Yep, I saw the mousse I love, the cheesy potatoes, the spaghetti pie and the simple bok choy with some garlic and butter.  They are all favorites.

Yesterday, inspiration finally hit and this is it.  I should make it more often;

 Grilled Guacamole Sandwich

Ingredients :

1/2  ripe avocado, peeled
1 teaspoon lemon juice
1/2 teaspoon garlic
1/8 teaspoon salt

 2 slices bread 
1/2 to 1 cup shredded Mexican cheese  (completely cover the breadP
2 slices tomato

spray olive oil

Using the mini food processor from my immersion blender, I mixed the avocado, tomato, garlic, and salt.  I made it smooth although you can see red specks from the tomato.

 Spray a large skillet with olive oil.

Spread the avocado mixture on one slice of bread and close the sandwich with the other bread.  Spray the outside of the top piece.

Place the unsprayed side down on the hot skillet.

Place a heavy skillet on top of the sandwich,  I used my cast iron pan.  Gently press down.

Cook for a minute or two on each side until these are golden brown.  I usually leave the sandwich in longer but when I checked, after a really short while, my bread was nicely done so I proceded.   

I sat down and relished each bite and wished, I had made two sandwiches.

Why don't you eat and enjoy.  While you are doing this, check the favorites of the other participants.

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  1. Delicious! I love the guacamole with the cheese,

  2. This sandwich is so perfectly grilled, Chaya! I've never had guacamole on a grilled cheese. But now I want to.
    Thank you for linking!


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