Menu Plan Monday

This week, I got most of my recipes from Taste of Home Comfort Food.  Taste of Home is great, particularly when you want good simple food with limited time to make it.  Their food looks good and usually is a success.  This week is a busy one (like every other week isn"t?) and I decided to fill in the meals to make using the Comfort Food book.  Tuesday night is for Donna Hay and Wednesday is for Ellie Krieger.  

We have our soup night, breakfast night, pasta night and chicken night.  This week, I am missing an evening for salmon which is unusual.

Do check out what others plan to eat this week at Menu Plan Monday.   A happy week of eating to you.

Sunday - Leftovers - meatloaf and cabbage pancakes
Monday - Brunch Casserole

Tuesday - Spinach Ravioli with Basil Oil - Donna Hay
Wednesday - Zucchini and Mozzarella Pizza - Ellie Krieger
Thursday - Soup Night - Black Bean Corn Chowder
Friday- Asian Chicken with Potatoes, Broccoli with Lemon Sauce
    Sabbath - Chulent


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