Blueberry, Oat and Yogurt Muffins

Margaret has a new fan - my husband.  She selected this week's recipe for our WWDH, Wednesday with Donna hay group.  Hubby took a bite and I thought I had better hide the rest of these muffins.  He liked the texture and flavor.  He has never mentioned texture before.  So, kudos to Margaret and Donna Hay.

This recipe is found on online right here.

We are a known "muffin family" and I am always ready to bake muffins but I don't always get such accolades.  I think the combination of the oats, yogurt and blueberries gave it the extra boost.  I do recommend this recipe.  It is not only good but easy to make.  I used one bowl and it is measuring, mixing and baking --- nothing complicated.

I made these gluten-free by subbing in a mixture of tapioca flour, brown rice flour and potato starch.  (could have added guar gum).

Please stop by the rest of our members sites and see their creations.     

If you want to be creative, try mango or peaches in place of the blueberries .


  1. These muffins look so good that I see myself having them for the breakfast!

  2. Looks like both of use were trying to make these a little healthier. Now, see, my hubs WON"T like them because they aren't very sweet. Too bad!!

  3. I loved these too - I ate 2, which is unheard of!

  4. I want to make these with both mango AND blueberries or maybe lemon and blueberries. I can't decide! I'll have to try both. :)

  5. Wow, yours look spectacular...I was trying more for that color than the paler version I ended up with, but they were done before I got to the color you got. Ours were really good...color achieved or not. lol


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