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It is good to be back.  Having been away from blogging since January, I came back with a different point of view as to what I expect from blogging and what I want to give to blogging.  This has changed greatly.  I am not sure why but I do know that before I had to take a break, I was thinking about how to change the blog and evaluating the time I put into it.  These changes may be a continuation of that or perhaps, having such a big change in my life caused me to re-prioritize.

This time, I will not allow myself to feel pressured to get a recipe on the blog.  I had made up mandatory obligations for myself and if I ask why, I don't have a sensible answer.  I do have to meet my commitment to the groups I am in and that is my pleasure to do.  On the other hand, if for some reason, I can't accomplish this, I am not going to beat myself up.  Of course, this does not include any group where we cook from another blog.  That is not negotiable barring an emergency.

I love my baking group because it gives me an excuse to bake.  With a gluten-free husband who does not like chocolate, I am limited.  I get most of my baking done for my class and they appreciate almost everything.  They also think it is wonderful.  I remember once, bringing in a cake with the sugar missing and they loved it and wanted me to make it again.  I am afraid, they are not very discerning.

This month in THB, we baked a Pecan Streusel Coffee Cake or I should say, others baked that.  I had no pecans and subbed in almonds which I am sure are just as good.  This has the best rating.  My husband told me that this is the cake he wants me to bake often.  He rarely says this.  I made it gluten free and used a mixture of Brown Rice Flour, Tapioca Flour and Potato Starch in place of the AP flour.  Generally, this combination serves me well as it did in this case.

This was selected by  Mich of Piece of Cake and you will the recipe on here site.  Mich has a great blog and I am sure, if you look around, you will find other recipes you will like.

This group was started by Joyce of Kitchen Flavors.  Joyce has a lot going and I would stop by and say hello and see what else she is cooking up.

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  1. Welcome back, Chaya!

    Nice that your cake has also turned well with gluten free option and almond instead :D


  2. Nice cake, love the streusels too! Welcome back to blogging Chaya!

  3. Hi Chaya,
    It is really great to see your bakes again! Your changes you've made to make this into a gluten-free cake is just wonderful, and I'm sure that with almonds it is just as good as with pecans. Glad to know that your hubby really enjoyed this cake, we did too!
    Hope you have a wonderful week!


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