Chinese Barbecue Chicken Soup with Noodles.

Tonight is a soup night for our Donna hay Group, chosen by Gaye.  For the rest of the gals, it is Chinese barbecue pork soup and for me it is Chinese Barbecue Chicken Soup with Noodles.  This turned out to be another easy recipe since it started with already cooked chicken broth, which we added some ingredients to, to give it a unique flavor.  I didn't like the ginger, we added but it not strong enough to ruin a good soup.

I had to sub in for the green vegetables, meat and noodles but it still worked beautifully.  I cut large chunks of chicken as shown in the photo in Donna book, and ended up needing a knife to cut them smaller with.  Next time, I would cut them smaller.

Please check out the other members and see how their soups turned out.

Gaye   Kayte     Sarah      and      Margaret

Thanks Gaye, this is a winner in our family.

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  1. Glad it was a winner for you Chaya. I thought I'd love this, but the anise was too strong for me. Maybe if I'd used bigger chunks of meat like I was supposed to, it would have not been as strong.

  2. What a great soup! That would be a hearty dinner. Sometimes I have to convince people that soup can be a full meal, but I think this one would do it.

  3. I think I would use chicken too, Chaya. Nice job on the soup!


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