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This is the first week of Eating with Ellie, the one and only Ellie Krieger, who cooks health consciously and deliciously.  The recipes, at this point are coming from the book, Weeknight Wonders .

About a year or so ago, we had a group of dedicated women who belonged to CEiMB (Cooking Ellie in My Belly), a name I never liked.  What I did like were the participants and the recipes.  Each week, hubby and I would kvell over the delicious meals, I made with ease and joy.

I have three of Ellie's books and they are well used.  

To be honest, in recent months, I have not been making recipes by Ellie, not for any good reason, just because........ The starting of the new group is good for me. I love the recipes, we have chosen for the first two months. A new group feels like an adventure. Although, I know most of the women participating, it is nice to regroup and cook together again. Some are already in the Donna Hay Wednesday group. We welcome anyone who wants to cook Ellie Krieger recipes to join us. Contact any of the members. We have a new website going up and we will share it as soon as it is finished, if not in this post.
Out first recipe, selected by Kayte, is Shrimp with Spinach, Garlic and Smoked Paprika , which can be found here As a kosher cook, I do not use shrimp and I subbed in chicken. Also, hubby does not eat garlic.  It makes him ill enough that I won't use it.  Therefore, my recipe was adapted to meet our needs and has its own style.  It was delicious and we loved it and I still give Ellie the credit for such an excellent recipe.  I followed her directions, cutting chicken breasts into about one inch chunks.  I added onions to sort of replace the garlic and browned both together.

I added the other ingredients as directed and we ended up full and happy.  Hubby was the same ole Ellie fan, he used to be, and I think, he is happy, I am once again committed to this group.

Next week, we are making Shotgun Wedding Soup - hmmmmmmm. sounds interesting.

***** We have a page to share our recipes from EwE.  Please take a look and see what others have made.  Feel free to join us.  Just go to the page and share the URL for your recipe.


  1. I love recipes that can be tweaked to accommodate dietary needs! These recipes strike me as just evidenced by your use of chicken. How fun! I know what you mean about recipes.... I must have close to 100 cookbooks, but sometimes I need encouragement and discipline. I'm excited to be back in the kitchen with some new ideas....fresh looks and a whole fresh group of wonderful ladies to cook with!! Now that's what I call FUN!!

  2. So good to be back cooking Ellie recipes again...same here on the husband and myself, have never made an Ellie recipe that wasn't appreciated and liked, she's just a great match for us here. I missed that old Ellie group, so happy that some of us are venturing forth again. Your sub of chicken sounds really good...and I will try that soon as Peggy did that as well with her allergies and both of them look really good...I imagine that it would work wonderful with chicken and I am eager to try it as the recipe is great in lettuce wraps so it would be fun to use chicken in those as well. Most of my lunches are things that work well in lettuce wraps...this one does!

  3. Your chicken looks great - is that turmeric? Looking forward to cooking along with EwE.

  4. Chaya you are always so good at adapting recipe based on what you have and how you need a recipe to fit your diet. Chicken sounds good for this recipe. Since my family and I do love shrimp and garlic, I think I'd like to try the recipe both ways!
    Thank you for sharing!

  5. CEIMB also introduced me to Ellie - along with Kayte. Her recipes are so easily adaptable. Like your using chicken here instead of shrimp. Have to try it your way.


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