Save Time Tip of the Week # 2 - STT

For many years, I have organized before, I cook and bake, particularly, when I bake.  This may mean that as early, as the night before, I take out my ingredients and line them up, in the order, I plan to use them.   This can be time consuming or a no big deal task but for me, walking over to the counter with everything ready to go, including having the written recipe, sitting there, puts me in a frame of mind for successful cooking.

Of course, this takes time but it does diminish the actual recipe time and for me, that is huge.  It means, that I can enter my kitchen and mix my ingredients and put it, in the oven, while I am eating breakfast, getting ready for work or doing the wash.  This is particularly good with baked goods and I end up with a treat, on the spot.  A great way to start the day.

I guess this is more division of time than cutting minutes but it works well from the psychological aspect.  When I start to bake, as an example, I am ready to go when the oven heats up.  While it is heating up, I mix the ingredients.  I usually will chop chocolate the night before or freeze the margarine cubes and mix the dry ingredients in one bowl.  I must say, it is wonderful.


  1. Hi Chaya! I suppose the only way to keep up with all your delicious blogs is to be organized:)

    Thanks for sharing...


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