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This is my first week as a member of Martha Mondays and what are we making?  It is delicious and I love it and that means, we are baking.  We are not only baking but we are baking a coffee cake which is a favorite in our family.  One with a thick topping, fruit filling and delicious cake.

It is NY Crumb Cake from March Living.  For my first recipe in the group, I am sure, I did the unthinkable.  I took one look at the amount of butter used in the recipe and cut it in half in the topping and used oil instead of butter.  I also cut a little from the cake.  It used several sticks of butter and for a moment, I though this was Paula Deen.

In my most humble opinion, my cake tasted wonderful and we did not miss the fat.  The thick topping was crumbly and I had such fun, picking up those crumbs and eating them.

The recipe has an option to add blueberry jam on the cake layer under the crumbs and I did that for half the cake and I used orange marmalade for the other half.  It turned out to be delicious and I am not sure which side was better.

If you want a good cake, try this one.


  1. Who doesn't love Martha? I like your adjustments to the cake :). Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters
    P.S. I'm following you now :)

  2. Hi Bizzy, welcome to the group!
    I just pulled my coffeecake out of the oven and I'm waiting for it to cool. There was alot of butter, wasn't there? Good Grief!
    I'm slicing mine up and taking it to work or I know I'll sliver it to death. ;)
    I like your jam choices. I used a Vanilla Pear Jam that I made. Cant wait to dig in it!

  3. Welcome to the group too Bizzy! And thank you for your comment.

    I ended up making a bit of a different recipe and it only called for 2tbs oil in the batter so I wasn't as fussed about the 2 sticks in the crumble. Not great if you are dieting though!

    This looks really good. I like the idea of the marmalade. Yum.

  4. Welcome to Martha Mondays. I'm Ana from Sweet Almond Tree, and It's nice to meet you! I made and posted my cake entry kind of late.... I thought there was too much butter in it, and had decided not to make it at all. Then I changed my mind. Glad to read that you had the same qualms about the butter. It's nice how you found a way around the problem, and I loved your joke about Paula Deen, the self proclaimed queen of butter. At any rate, the cake was very good, wasn't it?
    (By the way, I looked all over your blog and I can't find your first name- also, you have some nice pasta dishes. I was drooling).


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