Using What is in the House for Menu Plan Monday

 I have not been participating in Menu Plan Monday for far too long.  It is time to get my food ideas lined up and actualized.  I have a new take on this for this week.  I will see how it works for me and if it does, this may be new way of planning.

As I have mentioned before, I cook with what I find on the shelves and in the refrigerator.  I substitute for what I don't have or put it on the shopping list.  It has worked well for me but I have a gut feeling, it will work better, if I plan for the week with the items, I am presently observing in the kitchen.

This does not mean, I am not planning to shop.  I certainly am but those items should not be the main focus, rather the dishes or components that compliment what I already have.  

I stock up on what I commonly cook so you find chicken cutlets, a little chopped chicken or turkey and beef stew for chulent, in the freezer at almost all times.  I also keep at least one package of frozen spinach, frozen broccoli florets, cauliflower, peas, blueberries, peaches and strawberries for when they are not local.

My freezer is also stocked with gluten-free flour and chopped nuts for ready use.  I am planning to freeze some of our home-grown spices as well for the months, they are not productive.

In my cupboards, you will find canned tomatoes, usually diced.  I tend to only use Eden since it has no salt.  I also have several cans of Eden beans, different varieties.  I have some bottles of salt-free Marinara for back-up.
I have a number of bottles of yummy flavors such as gluten-free, soy, teriyaki, Worcestshire, a few dressings for back-up marinades, Duck sauce and my kids' favorite barbecue sauce.  Yes, I do make my own but it is always there to help me out.

I keep, on hand Katz's gluten free items such as bread for stuffing (make our own bread), pizza crusts or pita crusts that can be used for mini pizzas.  I don't buy any of the baked desserts though.  For me, it is one thing not to make a pizza crust but another not to make a cake or cookies.  They do have a line of kosher gluten-free goods that are admirable and you can buy anything from pie to bagels and happily use these.

Back to my menu which is the reason for this post.

Sunday: I purchased a bag of shredded cabbage to make cole slaw for the Sabbath and did not make it so it will hopefully bring us a dish of:
Potato, Sausage and Cabbage - guaranteed there will be onions in this dish.
 All photos are from Bing images.
Monday: I have quinoa and rarely use it even though we like it a lot.  I also have one salmon fillet.  What do you do with only ONE fillet.  You make a dish of quinoa, salmon and fresh spinach.  (I almost always have fresh spinach on hand.  Bing

Tuesday: On Tuesday evenings, I cook for my weekly Wednesday with Donna Hay.  This week is a real challenge for me since it is paella which is not kosher.  My job is to change it to make it so that we can eat it even though it will have to be different from what Donna has in mind. Her recipe can be found in Modern Classics1 on page 144.  Mine  has to be made without the shrimp or mussels.  This should be interesting.

Wednesday I have almost two packages of goat cheese with no plans for them.  I also have a bag of frozen corn so I plan to make this Corn, Goat Cheese and Basil Crustless pie which will be adapted from Food 52.  Did I mention, we are growing basil and have plenty of it which must be used soon.

Thursday: I am reviewing Soups and Sides for Every Season by Alyce Morgan from the blog, More Time at the Table.  She has a recipe for a Vegetable Chili that looks like my husband will fall in love with it. Thanks Alyce.  If you are interested in her book, stop by her site and find out all  
about it. 

Bing Images

Friday night is our Shabbos meal which has a number of course.  The main course is usually chicken with sides.  I am planning orange chicken cutlets over mashed potatoes and carrots.  When I was a child and didn't feel well, my mother made me mashed carrots and potatoes and I felt better.  I have not made these in years.  They are delicious and of course a comfort food for me.  I can't plan the side dishes.  This is one of my delights in preparing for Shabbos.  Not until Friday do I decide what I am making.  During the week, as I read recipes online or from magazines and books, I put aside ideas for Friday and then choose two.  It is more fun to read about food when I can make it in the near future.
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On Saturday which is Shabbos Day, we have Chulent which is a combination of meat, potatoes, rice (in place of barley which has gluten) and beans.
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  1. All of these dishes look really great! I love a good bowl of chili, even in the summer! Found you from OrgJunkie!


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