Red Pepper Zucchini Soup

I  made this soup during Passover and again recently,.  I had to  make it because it was unusual in the way it was made.  

This time, I added some vegetable broth to it to thin it out.  Look at the photo.  It almost looks like sauce and that is slightly thinned down.

It has very few ingredients for such a wholesome full tasting soup.


2 zucchini
2 onions
2 red pepper
olive oil
1 cup vegetable broth
salt and pepper to taste

You can add any seasoning you want to this.  We liked it as is but now that I have my  herbs growing in the garden, I would throw them into the mix.

You do not have to peel the zucchini if you prefer.

Red Pepper Zucchini Soup


Cut onions into thick slices.

Cut zucchini into about half inch pieces.

Red peppers should be cut into chunks.  Remove the seeds.

Heat olive oil in saucepan.  

Add the vegetables.  Cover and cook over low heat for about one hour.

Stir occasionally.  I was sure it was going to burn so I stirred a lot more than a few times.  

Add the broth if you choose to use it and let cook for another 30 minutes.

Add salt and pepper and any spices you would like.

Blend with an immersion blender.  (Don't you love these gadgets?)

Serve.  Eat and enjoy.

The original recipe came from A Taste of Pesach .  For those who observe Passover, this is a book to have for next year.  It is filled with a variety of successful recipes.  I enjoyed every moment using this book.  I never ran out of new recipes, I wanted to make, and hope next year to fill in the gap.

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