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I couldn't do it!  I thought about it.  I tried to make it come true but bottom line, I could not accomplish the simple feat of putting MINT into pea soup.  I am sure it is delicious but we don't like mint in savory dishes.

My favorite ice cream is Mint Chocolate Chip and mint belongs there but in my head, it does not belong in my soup.  

As the two gremlins fought internally, you know that mint lost.  As you can see, I used chives but no way is there a connection between mint and chives.  The chives are from my garden which automatically makes them a winner.

Other than this, I only used a little salt in the recipe which was basically peas, potatoes, broth and cream.  I thought, added Parmesan would have given it more of the flavor I was looking for but it was still good.  Next time, I would add just a little cheese.,

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  1. Oh, I'm with you on the mint and savory bit but I did use it (I grew some in my herb pots this year) and it was so good...seriously, really went well with the potatoes, peas, and mint. I loved it. And I loved all the pepper in this soup, added so much. I liked the idea of putting the pepper in the sour cream topping as well, that was a really nice trick to learn and one I will use again, such a simple thing but it added another dimension...I will do that with other spices and herbs now as I just love that technique. Great recipe, yours looks wonderful, and those chives were a great addition, I'm certain of growing those as well.

  2. LOL - I was wary of the mint, but I bought some especially for this and it was OK. Glad you liked the soup.

  3. Hi Chaya, I actually love mint in my soupy noodles, I love the added fragrant they give to the dish:D Your soup doesn't seem to lack flavor without it, looks just delicious! I can imagine dunking bread into it.

  4. Interesting, I don't think I could add mint to pea soup either... the only place I really like mint, are in the after dinner mints ;) Thanks for sharing on Foodie Friday

  5. LOL I don't like mint in savory dishes either. This looks great tho!

  6. Haha--I enjoyed reading about your internal struggles. Even Donna's wise recipes didn't convince you? :) I find that even when I think it her recipe is going to taste strange I end up liking it. I can't remember any disasters from her recipes. Maybe next time? ;)


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