Brussels Spruts with Lemon, Garlic and Almonds -Donna Hay

Hey hey, Donna Hay.  It is WwDH and I love cooking her recipes, more each week.  I selected this week's recipe and you might just notice, more and more of my recipes feature brussels sprouts.  I completely forgot to put the almonds on this dish.  Please picture it with almonds.

Even without the almonds, I liked this simple dish.  It balances with most other foods.  It took almost no time to make and I would like to make it often since it is easy and we like it.
I have been making lots of brussels sprouts but the last two were sweet, one with maple syrup and now I have one coping up with honey.  This last one is absolutely delicious.  Who would have thought that the sprouts would be good sweet and of course they are tasty as a savory vegetable, such as this one.


  1. Beautiful! I agree that Brussels sprouts can be so tasty. I think a lot of people have had them badly overcooked and it's no wonder they didn't like them. I like that this recipe blanches them and then very lightly fries them. I found the sprouts were still crunchy and that's how I think they taste the best.

    Thanks for welcoming me to your group. I'm so excited to try out some more Donna Hay recipes!

  2. This was good, wasn't it. Great pick! I like your new blog style.

  3. Great choice...and those almonds were fun so make it again with them, a very nice nutty crunch with those sprouts. Definitely a winner.

  4. I wish I actually LIKED Brussels Sprouts so I could have made this, but I have tried them often, cooked correctly, and just cannot go there.

    But those look delicious.


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