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I am using this for two events.  Lyndsey from Tiny Skillet is my partner in  Taste & Create
where we cook from each other's blogs.  She has such a wonderful variety of dishes that I kept changing my mind as what to make, until I realized, I missed the deadline to post my contribution.  That helped me decide.  I selected something quick and easy to make that looked scrumptious.

Inside with creamy cheese...
For the picnic, I have the letter U and this fit in beautifully for this Unique Flan.  Each year, the charming Louise from Months of Edible Celebrations. Unique describes this fascinating site.  Louise stresses food holidays, history and recipes plus.  When, I go there, I don't wan to leave.  You should look for yourself.  I am sure you will be entranced.

Now, I am going to share with you the foods coming to this picnic, of course, with us.  We have to eat all this good stuff, at least online.  I will fill in the missing letters as they come in.  By the first of July, you should be getting an alphabet of great food to enjoy.

I'm going on a picnic and I'm bringing...
A is for Apricot Cobbler
B is for Banana Cream Pie
C is for Cherry Bars in a Jar
D is for Diva Doggie Bites
E is for Emeril's Strawberry Lemonade
F is for Fingerling Potato Salad w/ Honey Thyme Vinaigrette
G is for Gugelhopf Twister
H is for Honey Graham Roll-ups
I is for Incredible Rabbit Pineapple Tarts
J is for
K is for Kirschmichel
L is for Lime Cranberry Fizz
M is for Mint Sundae Brownie Squares
N is for Nice Mini Biscuit Sandwiches
O is for Orange Nut Ring
P is for Pan Bagnet Provencal 
Q is for
R is for Rhubarb Ruguh Love
S is for Salmon Salad
T is for Tequila Truffles
U is for Unique Flan
V is for Venus Is Out Tonight Radish, Black Olive & Feta Salad
W (that's me!) is for White Chocolate Cherry Almond Sour Cream Scones

1 cup spinach leaves, coarsely chopped
1/4 cup chives (chopped-since I took them from the garden, I used a lot more than was called for.)
2 ounces plain goat cheese, chopped
1 once herb goat cheese, chopped
2 ounces Parmesan cheese
2 eggs, beaten
2 tablespoons sour cream (calls for heavy cream, which I do not have)
1 slice of smoked salmon, cut into small pieces (1/2 inch)
salt and pepper to taste (I didn't think it needed any)

Cook spinach in a skillet in a few tablespoons of water until soft.  Let it cool.
Preheat oven 350 degrees F.
In a medium bowl, whisk eggs, sour cream, Parmesan and chives.
Add goat cheese and spinach.
Add salt and pepper.
Add smoked salmon pieces and mix all together.
Pour into buttered ramekins and bake for 20 minutes.
Mine were not completely cooked so I raised the temperature to 400 degrees for another 8 minutes.
Serve while still warm.

Hats off to Lyndsey and the Tiny Skillet.  This is going to be one of my favorites.  It has flavor that can't be compared.  I think it is from the goat cheese.  Whatever, it is a wonderful brunch, breakfast, lunch or supper dish.  I ate both of them and poor hubby is missing a delight but I do want to make it for him, also.

You may want to join Taste and Create so you too can find a recipe, you might have missed completely.
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  1. wow, this looks superb, amazing. Thanks for linking it to our event. This also technically should not be linked as it was posted yesterday and not really today. But, may be next time :)

  2. oh my looks great come see what we shared at http://shopannies.blogspot.com

  3. Very unusual! Love the combos of flavor!

  4. This goatcheese spinach flan sounds dleicious, thanks for sharing with Hearth and soul hop .

  5. What an interesting flan! I love the flavours in it, and it looks so fresh and healthy!

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