Tuscan Chicken and Veggies - CEiMB

When I saw this was picked and who selected it, I knew, this was going to be a winner.  Margaret is someone I admire a great deal and trust whatever she chooses, to be delicious.  Check out her blog and you will understand why I say this.

Ellie has come through, in the past, with her meat and poultry recipes and I was looking forward to eating this one.  I was not disappointed.  She highlighted tomatoes and zucchini as her vegetables of note.  As tomato lovers, this was fine.

I actually have made this twice already.  That means, it is a successful recipe and I think it is one that most people would enjoy.  It is not elegant or elaborate.  It is simply good food with good flavor.

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  1. We really liked this one too! Next time I am going to add onions to mine however. I thought it needed just a touch more flavor. Yours looks delicious.

  2. We used this recipe as a side dish, omitting the chicken. It was so good. The veggies had heaps of delicious flavor.

  3. I agree, Chaya, Margaret is definitely one to trust :D Between her and Ellie, I knew it would be a winner, and the dish didn't let me down. Nice job!

  4. I love simple homey dishes like this. And since I got injured, I'm drawn to one-dish recipes that are quick and easy to make. :-)


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