Bake with Bizzy 5

Having a linky for sweets definitely adds calories to my meals even when these wonderful dishes are in cyberspace.  I can't have a bite of the following goodies, so I just may reach out and take something sweet, from my own kitchen.  Temptation is not good.

What do you think of Mia's shortbread?  You would enjoy photos like this one throughout her blog. 
The Goddess of Baking made both Smores cookies and Smores Cupcakes.  If you like Smores, you probably would like to spend time at her blog.

Now, what are we baking this week?  Isn't it fun seeing all these baked goods with their recipes.  How many do you get time to bake?

Please share with us, something you have baked or are baking now.


  1. Dearest Chaya , can i tell u jus how excited and thrilled i am to be here?
    Thnnnnxxxx a bunch for ur sweet words and all the love coming from so wonderful a baker as u makes my day :-) totallly!!!
    Am adding a something sweet to this week too , hope u do like it :-)))

  2. Ok , will come back to add this link coz the submissns open later :-)

  3. I'm hoping to do some baking, so I can link up this weekend.

  4. Those baked goods sure do look delicious. Yes,they add calories, but they also add pleasure! :)
    I shared a recipe for Rhubarb Ginger Muffins.

  5. Came back to add my link above but it aint going thru babe:-((((
    Error message , will try some more before i give up :-)

  6. Hi Chaya! This is a recipe I have been making for years that I posted back in February, but it really is a keeper. It's moist, delicious and it keeps really, really well. Thank you for hosting!


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