Spaghetti with a Savory Onion Sauce

Each week, I skim through the pages and each week, there is a recipe that I stop for, this Spaghetti with a Savory Onion Sauce.  Then I continue, to check the ingredients and keep on turning pages.  The reason is that this calls for anchovies and I don't want to use anchovies and it seems to me that would be a major ingredient with all the flavor it brings to a dish.  In trying to be true to this recipe and others that call for anchovies, I have lost the opportunity to enjoy them,

I looked online for a similar recipe by Hazan and I found it here.  This makes a larger quantity and does NOT have anchovies.  Otherwise with minor exceptions, the recipes are almost the same.  Since the ingredients are the same, I decided to make the one from the book without the anchovies.

There are differences in the steps to the final dish, the reason most likely being the thirty- minute guideline.  The one on has the onions sauteing for almost 45 minutes; the book called for 15.  The fat to fry the onions in on was a combination of butter and olive oil and the book called for olive oil.  Both used parsley, white wine, Parmesan, black peper and salt.

The end result was a solid dish I was proud to put on the table.  I love the caramelized onion in the mix and it was a refreshing change from a tomato sauce.

I can't wait to see what  Kayte, Margaret, Peggy, Glennis have made this week.


  1. Chaya,
    Anchovies or not, this dish looks absolutely delicious. I agree, sometimes I want a change from tomato sauce and the caramelized onions with the Parmesan cheese sounds very inviting. I might try this recipe with spaghetti squash.. thanks

  2. Your spaghetti dish looks wonderful! I would like it with the anchovies, though :)

  3. I've made something very similar and can attest that it is wonderful! So simple but so delicious.

  4. this looks awesome, so yummy like I love onions, this would definelty be a switch away from the traditional tomato sauce
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