Transform Your Chicken Soup

We love that rich golden chicken soup with chunks of vegetables and chicken swimming around.  We also love rich and creamy soups.  I decided with the use of an immersion blender to transform one to the other.

Almost anything can go into chicken soup.  I have used almost any vegetable around over the years.  I have different combinations dependent on what I have in the house.  You can have chicken pieces or just keep the broth.  It has always come out to be loved by all.

I can't give you a straight recipe since I rarely make it the same way but I can give you the basics.

A large pot, at least 8 quart (you might as well make some for the freezer while you are at it) filled 3/4 of the way with cold water.  Turn on the heat and add 4 chicken bottoms.  You can use whole chickens or just bones.  Cook the chicken for a few hours.  Often, I make it before I go to bed and leave it on simmer for the night.  Add water if you have lost too much.  When I simmer, I lose very little.

Add any or all of the following:

Carrots 4 - 10
Sweet Potatoes - 1 - 4
Onions - 3 - 8
Parsnips 2 - 6
Turnips 2 - 6
Celery - 2 - 8 stalks
Leeks - 2 - 4

Cook about an hour.  If you want firmer vegetable, cook for only 1/2 an hour.

Add seasoning.  I add black pepper and you should add salt.  I add (any or all) parsley, Italian seasoning,  rosemary, dill, dehydrated veggies, soy sauce (1 or 2 tablespoons).  If you want to make it a bit Thai, add some coconut milk and more soy sauce.

Cook for another 10 minutes.

I wait for about 30 minutes so hot soup does not spatter me and use the immersion blender right in the pot.  You can make it completely creamy or leave as much of the chunk as you would like.  If you want your vegetables as are, remove them from the pot before blending.

I often throw in spinach, kale or bok choy for the last few minutes.

Use you imagination and eat and enjoy.

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  1. Beautiful transformation.. great idea when you have kids who pick out certain vegetables. Thanks for bringing this to Weekend Bites.

  2. I love a thick creamy soup. And I agree with Diane. This idea is really great for kids.


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