Chickpea and Roast Pumpkin Soup - Donna Hay

It seems my commitment to our Donna Hay group is upside down and backwards.  First, I could not find the cookbook.  I am not sure how to admit that it was in the bookcase but it was laying down rather than standing up.   What can I say?

Then tonight, I made the most delicious butternut squash (pumpkin is what the recipe called for) and left out the chickpeas.  I can't explain this any more than explaining the "missing" cookbook.  Maybe, I really can.  The Jewish holidays just finished a few days ago after one month of holidays.  If I was not in shul or eating, I was cooking.  I felt as if I was on the fast track for a full month.

On top of the above, the school year started and I am teaching a new grade which means additional preparation.  One more time taker was the marriage of my grandson which means shopping, planning and of course, attending.  Wonderful, wonderful but a bit more pressure.

I think, I am making a new beginning now despite my mistaken soup.

This is a delicious soup with a sweet flavor.One of the ingredients was Dijon mustard which had me a bit concerned but I could not taste it.  It didn't sound like a proper part of butternut squash soup.  The chickpeas also bothered me, not seeming to fit in but having forgotten them, I can't tell you if they added to the soup.

This was a snap to make, especially for me, since I had some mashed butternut squash already cooked and waiting.  I had to add a few ingredients and presto, I had a yummy soup.

Gaye selected this soup and I am happy.

Check out the other Donna cooks and see what they have made.

Gaye                        Sarah                  Margaret


  1. I just didn't get to this one. I would have used the butternut squash, too. It was good without the chickpeas is a good thing.

  2. Glad you liked the soup. The chickpeas were an optional rather than a required, I think - they just beefed it up.

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