Menu Plan Monday


 It is time for me to get organized again.  I am finding my lunch project is helping tremendously.  Now, I am returning to Menu Plan Monday.  I found, last year, having dinner planned when I am teaching, makes all the difference in the world.  Knowing what I am doing,means having the ingredients, in the house and being able to cook in the mornings or at least, set up so when I come home, I will be able to get to work, without hesitation. 

Most of the recipes will be new ones so I don't have the appropriate photos for the dishes.  I plan to post these after, I make them and we hopefully enjoy eating them.

All my food is gluten-free unless, (very unusual) I mention there is an exception.  When I bake for my class, the cookies are not gluten-free.  Otherwise, there should be no issue. 

This week, I am using Faith Durand's, "Not Your Mother's Casseroles".  This is an interesting book, not a photograph in sight.  Usually, I want the photos.  They inspire me and I do a check if I made the "right dish".  I am always pleased with myself when my dish looks something like the one, in the book.

The recipes have appeal.  The ingredients used are available and sometimes, a little outside my own thinking.  For example, I hope to make the Greek Braised Green Beans which include cinnamon as a spice. Along with red pepper flakes, white wine, black pepper and garlic, this is slightly different.

Here goes:

Monday - creamy cabbage casserole served with potatoes & salad
Tuesday - sweet potato hash with sausage and red pepper (served with salmon)

Wednesday - spinach egg puff plus a yummy salad

Thursday - baked spaghetti with tomatoes and pine nuts plus green veggies

Friday - a Shabbos side dish - butternut squash pasta casserole plus chicken and potato kugel or a rice dish

 Go on over to Organizing Junkie and see many menus that you will be inspired by.


  1. Your menu looks great! I love anything hash or spinach! :)

  2. A well planned menu. Wish I could be more organized.

  3. Omigosh, can I dine with you on Tuesday? Your whole week looks delicious. Visiting from Menu Plan Monday.

  4. The Wednesday puffs sound delicious.

  5. My problem with menu planning Mondays is that I'm also usually making something new each week, so I don't have pictures either!


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