Lunch is Served

My lunches, this week, were not inspired, at least on Tuesday and Wednesday, when I made a Ramen dehydrated soup. I will say, it comes with tons of thin noodles, and is very good. I am not missing anything, eating this.  Tons of noodles = tons of enjoyment.

Today, I opened the refrigerator door and spied, a bit of left over Spinach Egg Puff, from last night's dinner.  I decided to plop at egg on top of it, and microwave it, for two minutes.  This lunch seemed inspired or perhaps, I should say, it tasted inspired.  A little pepper on top perfects it. 

The recipe for the Havarti and Spinach Egg Puff is found here.  It was certainly quick, easy and delicious.

 Quick, Easy, Delicious


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