I have always prided myself on being honest, to a fault, and I mean that.  I have gotten myself into trouble because, I couldn't lie.
I remember going to a planning meeting and I made a comment which I knew my boss would not approve of.  (He was not there.)  I said it for clarification reasons.  Of course, it went back to him.  The next day, at work, I was talking to him, in his office and he commented on the particular remark and asked me, who said it?"  I told him that I did.  It did not improve our relationship.

That is me, good or bad, I find it almost impossible to lie.  Sure, if someone asks, if I like the dress they are wearing and I don't, I don't blurt that out.  I say something positive.  "I love that color."  "What pretty buttons."  "A great length."

If someone asks me about  someone else's private life, I would never share the information, and usually I can say, just that but there are times, I have to simply say, "I don't know."  I know, it is silly to obsess about such things and I guess I don't go that far but I do cringe, when I am put into a situation, where the truth is going to cause a problem.  

That brings me to blogging.  We write all our comments on each other blogs but there are two situations that put me in a bind.  One is when I have nothing of import to say.  I end up writing, "It looks great," or something similar.  Truth is not the issue but I feel like I am copping out and shortchanging the person who worked so hard on the dish.  The other is when I say, I plan to make something which I honestly plan to do, and then I realize, I am over committed and can't do it.  I am sure the person is not sitting, waiting to hear how it turned out but I still feel a tiny, tiny bit guilty.

I don't want this to sound like a big deal.  It is not but it is a truth.  I do get hung up over the truth.  I want to be honest and pride myself on the quality.  I just want it to be easier.

The positive to this is that by going a little overboard, it keeps me honest, because if I shade the truth, you know it is going to be ever so tiny.


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