Recipe Box # 19 What Happens to Food Bloggers?

Do you remember a time when you cooked a meal, simply because it was dinner time?  You wanted spaghetti so you boiled up some pasta, opened a jar of Marinara sauce and served it with a side dish, maybe a side dish.  You didn't worry about the dish, it was placed in, or how it was placed.  You didn't clean up, some sauce that spotted the plate, you just ate it, spot and all.

You selected pasta because that is what sounded good and not because you hadn't had a creative pasta dish, in a long while or because you had to make as dish for the cooking group you belong to.  You didn't take notes as you cooked so you had the exact amount of ingredients and you stretched your mind to see what spice, you could add, to make it even more interesting.

Gee, you didn't even think of a quaint or unique name to give it so it would grab the attention of other food bloggers.  Oh my, you didn't have your camera on hand to take photos and then tell everyone to wait while you took a plethora of photos from different angles and in varied lighting.  No, you just ate the food and enjoyed it.

I bet, after dinner, you did not run to the computer to type up the recipe and add photos in order to share with all your fellow foodies.  Maybe, you picked up a good cook and sat down and read it or called a friend and chatted.  Could this have been your life?

It was mine and it has changed since I began blogging. There is no doubt, we eat better and we eat a variety of foods, some I had never heard of, before blogging.  I enjoy my blogs and my photos, while still not particularly good are much better than when I began to share with all of you.  Side benefits come with this package.

The question is, "Would I go back to my old world, the one where food was just part of life and not a major player?"  I wouldn't dream of it, even though, it would mean, I had more free time and I wasn't thinking of what to do with the newest vegetable, in my vocabulary.  There is one thing that has stayed the same.  I still believe we do not live to eat but we do Eat to Live.  If I lose sight of that, I stop blogging.

Have you changed your life since beginning blogging. Let us know how.

Looking back:

Pizza Pockets from Saved Sister

Pumpkin Muffins from Hill's Go Healthy

Italian Fudge Cake from Ms. en Place

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What do we have for this coming week?  Inspire us as you always do.


  1. You are so right, Chaya! I haven't been blogging very long, but things do change. I don't try to take magazine quality picture that look exactly perfect .... my readers are regular moms - they just want to feed their family. They want an idea of what the finished product will look like. Maybe I'm in the minority of food bloggers - but I'm not in this to be on the cover of a magazine or be famous - I'm here to relate to other mom's and bloggers ... and share ideas. I want people to know I am a regular mom - just like them.

  2. I think the main change is how I find new recipes - I was always doing something new in the kitchen - now I get more of my new recipes from other blogs rather than place like kraft foods website. Also, I take pics of my food at home and when possible at restaurants but my pics are in no way prettied up. I post my recipes and pics the next day, whenever I have a moment and feel like it. This is just a hobby for me and a way to keep up with recipes.

  3. I've always been like this about my cooking...but I wanted to be a chef when I was a kid...Not much has changed except now I publish stuff instead of keepign it scribbled down in a book.

  4. Hi Chaya
    I don't cook much, but I didn't change my baking plans. I always write my recipes before I start baking and always write down notes while I'm baking. I've done that before and I'm still doing it now.
    The only thing that has changed is taking photos (which I never liked!)

  5. I am alwaya brainstorming. How do I make this different? What twist can we add to that dish? Although it takes up my time, I am a more worldly and creative person because of it. My kids won't have the same foods every night like the other kids. They will have an extensive pallet and be better for it!

  6. Great question. I've always creating most of our meals based on what's in the pantry and fridge, but as my husband says, I've step it up a couple of notches. I'm even more creative than before and challenge myself more. I haven't let it disrupt our meals, because we like a hot meal - hot. :) My pictures come in the afternoon when the light is good, so sometimes I'll make a dish twice. I'm more careful about writing down a recipe as soon as I can or while I'm making it. Would I go back to life before blogging? Hell No! :) I'm having to much fun!

  7. Hi Chaya,
    What a great question. The biggest difference that I see in my cooking since blogging is writing the recipe down. Before I just cooked and put it together, now I have to write it down, which the girls in my family wanted me to do. I love the relationships that I have with wonderful bloggers all over the world, that is the greatest gift to me, I love every second of it!

    Hope you have a great week and thanks for hosting!
    Miz Helen

  8. Hey! Thanks for featuring my pumpkin muffins :)

    As far as how have things changed since I started blogging? Well I definitely feel that I'm buying more produce and tupperware sets, rather than frozen dinners :). As far as pictures, I always take pictures on instagram, but now with blogging I take them with a Nikon.

    I love it and I love the dishes I get to be creative with. I wouldn't change it for the world!

  9. Ha ha, I laughed so much reading your post because it's so true. Luckily I have a smoothies website so get to take my photos in the morning but I'm putting together a complete meal plan so have started taking photos of my other meals too. My husband wonders why I'm taking so long in the kitchen taking a photo of my meal first.
    I'm learning so much about photography and my photos are improving all the time but I'm getting to be a bit of a perfectionist so I always want to improve my photos.
    I just love blogging so much. It's given me something of my own while being a stay at home mum. I feel like I'm part of the world again and love helping people to recover their health and lose weight. It's so rewarding. I wouldn't swap it for the world!

  10. Your post is so true! I now plan a week in advance what I am having to eat, choose dishes I haven't blogged about in a while, and spend much more time in the kitchen then I ever would have before! Not to mention all the time setting up photo shots as well.

  11. So true all the benefits and pitfalls... but overall I am cooking more seasonally and my french cooking group has open me up to new ingredients and techniques... it is a crazy life.

  12. Hi Chaya, I new to blogging, but I have notice the changes I'm more open to trying out more food, my first taste of pumpkin was when I blogged about it! I'm spending more time in the kitchen...just doing more things all around.

  13. Do you know how many times my husband was ready to dig into dinner, and I've yelled, " don't touch that, I haven't taken a photo yet" ? and yes, I do make things that I want just for the blog.. ( but we eat better because of it)

  14. Great post, Chaya! Lol, yes, I remember those days very well. Sometimes I even miss them, but like you, I wouldn't dream of going back. :)

  15. I don't feel like food blogging has changed the way I cook or eat, just the way I remember it!

  16. Good morning, Chaya, I've just linked up! Thank you for hosting!
    I'm a better baker and cook ever since I've started blogging!
    Have a great weekend!

  17. Blogging has definitely changed my life over the last ten years! I enjoyed reading your post - it really made me smile. Thank you so much for hosting!

  18. Hi Chaya, I've shared a plate of stir-fry prawns! Thank you for hosting!

  19. Hi Chaya, One more from me! Have a nice day!


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