Red Velvet Whoopie Pies _ Baked Sunday Mornings

I had given my daughter the first Baked book and never got it for myself.  Feeling a little deprived, (yeah sure) I treated myself to the new Baked Explorations by Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito.  It has some compelling recipes such as Nutella Scones, Orange Creamsicle Tart, Salt N Pepper Sandwich Cookies and Chocolate Peanut Butter Fondue.  Are these enough to tempt you.  Certainly, they do tempt me.

Tonight, I made the red velvet whoopie pies.  I have made plenty of whoopie pies in the past.  Red Velvet ones are new to me.  I made sure I had plenty of red coloring in these so they would come out red and they did.  I am not sure, I got this in all the photos but they were successful.

My daughter, not to long ago, gave me a whoopie pie sheet.  I had mentioned, I thought this was a great idea.  As she said, she could not imagine anyone wanting one but since I did, she gave to me.  Good daughter.

Now that I have used it, I love it.  It was so easy to get the same shape and size for the cookies.  I did make a batch using my cookie scoop and these worked well, also.  Does one have to have one of these pans?  Absolutely not.  Is it great to have one?  Absolutely yes.

I baked this with the foodies from Baked Sunday Mornings who are baking through the book.  Go over there for the recipe and to get a list of the other bakers who have made these yummy cookies.

The batter was a cinch to make in the mixer and the frosting, as well.  Putting it together gets a little boring and that would be the challenge for me.  When, I am bored, I get careless.

The results are wonderful and I am sure both  my grandchildren and my class are going to love these.  This is a great recipe for licking the bowl with the filling. I wish I had the kids here for that.


  1. How fun- a whoopie pie sheet! Your pies came out beautifully!

  2. I was wondering how some people get their pies to look so perfect. Now I know! Yours look great. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. And i thought u also had the same pan as me:-)
    Now i so want this pan too:-)
    I think also that ,a 1-2 tbh cookie scoop will help get those even sizes W.pies:-)
    Look wonderful Chef Bizzy , they sure do!
    I loveee they are nice and reddd..
    THis was my first Baked sunday Mornings post:-)
    I know ur sooo busy but would love ur thoughts:-)))
    And u know last time too we visited the dentist on the same day , totally fun and im loving it !
    BDW next month too , my appointment is on 10th:-)

  4. Making them in a pan does look so much easier. I can't imagine any child not being able to resist those.


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