Flourless Chocolate Orange Cake - Nigella

I made a few flourless recipes from Nigella, last year.  When I came upon her flourless chocolate lime cake, I jumped to make it.  I did change the lime to orange to ensure, we would like it.  I can see this being made with a tinge of any of the citrus flavors.  I suggest being heavy on the zest, if you like the flavor.  This recipe uses almond flour which you can get by finely processing almonds. 

This month, Forever Nigella is using the theme, “Seduced by Chocolate”, and the deadline is February 20th.  You can still get a recipe in, if you would like.  

This recipe was easy to make, melt, beat, mix, pour, bake, unmold and take out a plate to serve it on.  EAT!!!!!  You will find this in Nigella's new book, Nigella Kitchen.

You can find this recipe at Nigella's home.  


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  1. I totally wanna fit in something for this months theme too:-)
    and i hope i will by 20th!
    May skip this weeks FFwd or might jus go ahead+wanted to put the Have the Cake post soon but still have nt baked!
    The flourless cake looks totally wonderful Chef , very!
    Loving it and would love to relish a slice!
    And those 2tone crinkles are fantastic!
    Oh the name :-)

  2. I love the chocolate-orange combination & so I'd really love a slice of that!

  3. I am yet to try this flourless cake but I can see it's incredibly popular. It looks very tempting with a blob of cream on it. Thank you for taking part in Forever Nigella!

  4. I love the chocolate - orange combination in chocolate bars but never thought about making it into cake. I can only imagine how sinfully delicious this is. :)

  5. I'm a big fan of Nigella's flourless creations. I particularly like her clementine cake, and also use her brownie recipe. Thanks for sharing with the Hearth and Soul hop.

  6. I've learned to loooove flourless choco cakes. I'll bet the almond and orange flavors were amazing!

    Thanks for sharing at the hearth and soul hop.

  7. Choc orange and choc lime both sound lovely...especially with such a generous helping of cream.

  8. Chocolate and Orange!!! YUMMY!

    I want to invite you to join in our blog hop. This week's theme is Citrus and this would be a perfect recipe to link up. Please stop by and feel free to link up as many citrus recipes as you would like - both sweet and savory.




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