Zucchini Pastrami Kugel

I was right when I said, I would not be able to post for a while.  I have cooked literally dozens of new dishes but had no time to blog.  I thought, I would get at least one here to prove I didn't forget you.

The holiday, we are celebrating is Succos and it is a time we eat and some sleep in the sukkah, a temporary structure covered with wood slats or branches or bamboo.  People decorate them with pictures and projects, the children make in school.

If you are interested in learning more about the holiday and its meaning, I found should fill you in.

Here is the inside of one which I found online. 

Some are fortunate and have a yard where they can build their sukkah which is relatively close to the kitchen.  Some live in apartment houses and have a shared sukkah outside meaning, all the food is taken from the floor they live on down several flights of stairs.  Since we do not use elevators on the holiday itself, it means carrying the food through the halls and on the staircases.

We have to walk through my house since we built ours on a porch located on the other side of the house from the kitchen.  We line up like a brigade, each carrying another dish.  Truthfully, it is fun and eating outside, singing and sharing is more fun.  You can hear the singing from sukkahs up and down the block.  It is the spirit of community.

 I did not even get pictures of a lot of my food and the ones I took were done hurriedly,  The zucchini pastrami kugel photo was taken after the first days of the holiday and I used leftovers for the picture.

Zucchini Pastrami Kugel


2  zucchini, sliced about a half inch wide
2 eggs 
1/4 cup matzo meal 
1 tablespoon mayonnaise 
2 tablespoons packaged dry onion soup mix 
1/4 - 1/2 pound pastrami, chopped


Preheat oven to 350°F. 

Grease an 8 inch square baking pan.

In medium saucepan boil zucchini for ten minutes until it softens. 

Using potato masher, mash.  

Add  remaining ingredients and continue to mash until all is mixed well.n

 Spoon into baking dish.

Add in pastrami and mix into zucchini mix and  bake for 40 minutes. 

Eat and enjoy.


  1. Chag Samach! We were always fortunate to build our sukkah on our deck off our kitchen. Made it easy to bring the food. I do lots of crock pot soup on Succos! This week we had butternut squash soup, brussels sprout and leek soup and a vegetable red lentil. Good thing we like soup even in warm weather. Looks like you found another interesting pastrami recipe!

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