Sweet Potato Soup with Goat’s Cheese

Since I am cooking Donna Hay recipes twice a week, I am discovering more and more about her recipes.  She is a practical cook.  In most cases, I find the ingredients in my house already.  In this case, we eat both sweet potato and goat cheese weekly which means, I had it on hand.

The next trait of her cooking appears to be the ease of making the dishes.  She tends to simplify and most recipes are made quickly and with ease.

Third, her recipes work.  She adds flavors that make a difference to the overall dish and thus, we like them.

This week is no different.  A creamy soup with flavor and a snap to make. 

I made this a month go for I Heart Cooking Club, forgetting that I had chosen it for WWDH.  I admit, I like my choice, sweet potato soup with goat’s cheese

Visit the other members of WWDH, Gaye, Margaret, Sarah and Kayte and see how their soups turned out. 


  1. I would love a bowl of that soup right now! The goat's cheese and basil are very nice touches.

  2. Chaya, I echo everything you say about Donna and her recipes. Quick, simple, flavourful, and mostly using ingredients I already have on hand. This is a delicious looking soup, and sweet potato and goat cheese sounds like a winning combination.

  3. Always a fan of soup...and I agree, DH uses the pantry well!

  4. She is practical. While I've only made a handful of her recipes so far, I've browsed lots. She never asks me to do anything fussy. I like that!

    The one source of goat cheese in my small town has decided to stop carrying it. I'm sad about that.

  5. Hi Chaya,
    Lovely bowl of soup! This looks good, and the usage of goat's cheese is rather interesting! I have not tried goat's cheese before, and I'm hoping to try it as soon as I can find it!

  6. Have never had sweet potato soup. Your sounds very tempting. And yes, Donna Hay recipes are very simple and no fuss, but unusual in the combination of flavours.

  7. I love sweet potato soup, but never tired it with cheese
    It looks great and sounds very interesting

  8. Tangy goat cheese is such a great contrast to the sweetness of pumpkin--this is a perfect autumn recipe! ;-)

  9. Yes, I'm really loving the ease of Donna Hay's recipes. Easy recipes are a very appreciated thing nowadays! I love the idea of a sweet potato soup garnished with goat cheese. That bit of tanginess from the goat cheese is probably wonderful with the sweet potato. Looks delicious!

  10. I have never had Sweet Potato soup. I will have to try this one. Yes, Donna's recipes are different - fresh, quick, flavorful.

  11. Glad you liked it - it was not for me - I would have liked some spices or chilli.

  12. Looks wonderful! Thank you for sharing at Simple Supper Tuesday.


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