The Wedding

This is the location of my grandson's wedding.  It was held outside high up in the California mountains.  That is just one of the distant views.  It was majestic.

We flew to California, Thursday night, arriving in CA at 4:00 AM, our time, 1:00 AM, in California, to find a line of about 75 people waiting for cars and no cars available.  Yes, we had a reservation and so did everyone else.  The people working there, were rude, and would not give us the number of another car rental.  That was the start of an interesting few days.

We got ourselves to another car rental, got a car and went off to out hotel.  With GPS, this should have been easy but it took us to the wrong place.  When we finally located the right place, we did not see a hotel.  This must be one of the smaller hotels around since it didn't look much different than the stores surrounding it.

We checked in and then had to wait for one of the employees to move another car so we could park.  By now, it is closer to 5 AM than 4.  Tired, no not me...... OK, I lie.  

We planned on being there on the Sabbath when we do not use electric which means no elevators.  We had asked for a room on a low floor and that meant to the person who booked our room, walking up five flights, each time, we wanted to leave the hotel on the Sabbath.  Groan.

On the plus side, we found, we are in decent shape.

On Friday, we walked around exploring and had lots of fun.  It is interesting to see how different states are different, from traffic rules to the brand names.  We picked up some cheese and crackers for our room and except for the Sabbath, we existed on these, while we were there.  We didn't eat much at the wedding because we were having too much fun.

I wish I had a photo for this part of the trip.  Have you ever driven on the thin mountain roads without even protective rails?  That was the route to where the wedding was to take place.  Once, I got up there, I planned on staying forever.  

As each car rolled in the reaction was the same, relief in arriving in one piece and dread of going back down. 

When we arrived at the grounds where the wedding was to be held, it was brutally hot and everyone said, it would cool down.  Yep, it did just that and we were chilled.  Of course, we were enjoying ourselves, so much, it did not matter.

The bride was beautiful and the groom tall and handsome.  They looked so right together.  Their friends had enough enthusiasm for all of us and kept the party a joyous occasion.

Skipping to the end when most of us were moaning and groaning about going down the mountain trail.  Fortunately, we had enough drivers who were brave and protective.  I, for one, closed my eyes and made it down without too much fear.

I am going to0 make the rest of my grandkids put in writing that there will be no marriages on mountain tops.

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  1. What an adventure for you! I think we will go to mountain tops for the grandchildren, always. Best wishes for the young couple!

  2. I would love to attend a wedding on the mountain tops:D sounds like heaven on earth:D congrats to the couple.

    1. Thanks Jeannie. Now, I can get back to baking and cooking for our mutual groups.

  3. Beautiful photos... and congratulations on the marriage of your grandson :)

    1. Thanks Jenn. Hubby took the photos so I will pass along your comment.

  4. What a stunning place for a wedding, Chaya! :-) I would be terrified by that drive too. I do NOT do well with heights. :-) What a gong show of a trip there, but you made it!! Hooray! :-)

  5. I'm not good with mountain tops either! It sounds like it was quite an adventure, but I'm pleased it was such a joyous occasion :-)


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