THB : Cinnamon-Apple Walnut Torte

THB : Cinnamon-Apple Walnut Torte (The Home Bakers)

Jasline from Food Is My Life - has chosen this wonderful apple dessert, rich and crunch and a delight to taste, 
Cinnamon-Apple Walnut Torte.  I made this and an apple kugel at the same time.  The kugel came out like a cake and this came out like a kugel.  Both were delicious.

I did not use nuts in my torte so as crunchy as it was with the apples, you will see the others are even better.

I am busy with the upcoming holidays and I am asking you to please check out the recipe on Jasline's site or another member of the group's blog.  There are great bakers, in the group, and I am sure, you will enjoy their results.

If you are interested in baking with us, contact Joyce at Kitchen Flavours.


  1. Hi Chaya, Yours looks very good, without the nuts, the chunks of apples looks really yum! This is a delicious bake indeed, more so enjoyable with some ice cream. Frozen yoghurt for me! Have a great weekend!

  2. You are tempting me with your snaps..lovely bake!

  3. Your torte holds its shape very well! Looks good!

  4. You both are tempting me with this torte! It looks fantastic.

  5. We had apple crisp this year - kugel sounds great.

  6. Looks so mouthwatering & we love this torte with some ice-cream! YUM! :)

  7. Yours look great! Cant wait to make mine :D

  8. I've seen this cake around and I really like it!!
    It seems to be a delicious cake

  9. Your torte looks really moist and delicious! I wouldn't mind having a slice for lunch right now:D

  10. Hi Chaya,

    Nice to know that your bake worked very well without nuts. Funny that there are switches of identities in two of your bakes.



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