Cream of Celery and Asparagus Soup - Cooking Inspired

We were at my daughter-in-law's a few months ago and she had made asparagus soup.  There are two foods, I have not been able to get my husband to taste, since we were first married and they are tuna fish and asparagus.

My daughter-in-law, who is more like a daughter, offered another choice for hubby.  I decided to be deceitful, something I am not at all good at, and told her just not to tell him what kind of soup it was.

Of course, through the soup course, I kept looking at my husband with a grin on my face, watching him eat the soup.  I must have asked him a half a dozen times, if he liked the soup.  I told you, I was not good at being deceitful.

Finally, I could not keep it in and after he responded he liked it and went and got himself seconds, I told him the truth.  He is a good sport and he finished his second bowl, as we all watched, in awe.

When, I saw this recipe, I almost passed it by.  My mind sees asparagus and keeps going.  Still, I do have the memory of the last asparagus soup and what a success it was, so I decided to play the game again.  He repeated his happiness in eating it and once again asparagus was just right.

I am not saying that asparagus on a plate would work as a dining choice but this soup stays on the menu and no one is going to complain.

Just a note - I am not a great fan of celery and I loved this also.

This week, I am cooking a number of recipes from Cooking Inspired, a book, I truly love to read and to cook from.  It is the kind of book, I don't put stickies in because most pages would have one.  I could open the book and most likely be happy with any recipe.

This is the second soup, I have made from the book, this week and both were delicious.

Cream of Celery and Asparagus Soup - adapted from Cooking Inspired


2 tablespoons olive oil 
3 leeks, washed well and thinly sliced 
 6 celery stalks, cut into chunks
1 bunch (approximately 12 spears) asparagus, peeled 
1 small (about 3/4 lb) celery root, peeled and diced 
Kosher salt and black pepper, to taste 
5–6 cups vegetable broth
½ cup quick cooking oats 
¾ tsp dried thyme 


Heat the oil in a large pot and sauté the leeks until softened. 

While the leeks are cooking, prepare the other vegetables.

Add the celery, asparagus and celery root, and sauté gently until just softened (about 10 minutes).

Add the chicken stock and enough water to cover the vegetables. Season with salt and pepper.

 Bring to a boil and then lower the flame to medium-low and cook for 45 minutes until all the vegetables are very soft. 

Purée with an immersion blender. 

 Bring the soup  back to a boil and add the oats and thyme. 

Cook over medium heat for another 10 minutes and purée again with an immersion blender to avoid any lumps. 

Adjust the seasoning and serve with the croutons. (Estee has a recipe for the croutons in her book, Cooking Inspired)

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  1. Chaya,
    Great story about your husband. I love that this cream soup is made with oats and a combination of interesting vegetables that I usually wouldn't think of for soup. Thanks for the recipe and the laugh


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