Recipe Box # 35 - Magazines

I have a pile of cooking magazines to read but I can't a moment time to read them.  When it comes time to select a recipe, I turn to a cookbook or the Internet, not a magazine.  I have been giving thought to the value of these mags.

I am referring to the value for me based on how I use them.  I keep two or three on my kitchen table so when I have a cup of coffee or sit down to lunch, I can go through them.  I keep another one by my bed and it keeps me company, at night, if I am not reading a book.  Usually, I am reading that book.  Hubby and I are both readers and many the night, we both fall asleep with a book in hand.

That leaves the magazines to be read in short spurts.  I see lots of recipes in them that I want to make.  Unless, I mark them, at that moment, I don't usually go back to them.  The permanence of a cookbook has me using them over and over.  Magazines don't have the same value.  

I have made a decision to use my magazines for general information and entertainment.  Pick up a Food Network magazine and it is entertaining from cover to cover.  It is also a way to get to know the chefs that many of us cook from. 

Eating Well and Cooking Light are full of tips and information to make me a cook that is more aware of healthy eating.  Considering the changes, we have made, in our meals, this is a real plus.  Another one that I walk away from filled with ideas is Vegetarian. 

Purim 2013 cover - mag pageI also receive Gluten-free magazines and a kosher one called Joy of Kosher.  I love both for their specialties.  They probably keep my attention the longest.  

 Share your favorite magazines in the comment section of this post.  Time to look at last week's entries.  I wonder how many of them come from magazines.

Looking back:

Fox in the Kitchen presents these Cocoa-Mocha Cupcakes.

Couponing and Cooking made this Guacamole Fresco.

Home Made Crackers with Cheese Ball from In Cindy's Kitichen

What will this new week bring?  I hope lots of goodies.  Please do comment on your favorite magazine.  Thanks.


  1. I link your new blog design. Thanks for hosting! Paula

  2. We get a magazine called Good Food over here in the UK which I really like, as well as Vegetarian Living, but I've been known to buy Food Network and Rachael Ray when I'm in the US. This week I've shared a Turkish Delight Syllabub, along with some personal memories.

    I apologise, I've been unable to link back as my blog is relaunching overnight with a new and improved design and I can't publish anything more today. (I'm having it done professionally.) I should have linked back earlier but I forgot about Recipe Box! I'm so glad you sent an email to remind me. Thank you for hosting. I like your new blog design as well - the green is lovely!

  3. I love Taste of the South Magazine which is where I got the recipe for the Almond Cake with Amaretto Filling that I linked up. Also love Fine Cooking.

  4. I get overloaded with magazines and cookbooks. I try to avoid them...
    Thanks for the party. Have a great week!

  5. The current magazine that I have on my table is Flavors which is a good read...but yeah, i don't follow any of their recipe too!

  6. I love the new look, Chaya! I have tons and tons of magazines I've "collected" over the years! Depending on my mood, my favorite changes ;) Thanks for the party - wishing you a wonderful week!

  7. Funny you should write about this. I recently renewed a subscription--which I had let lapse for several years. My issue came a week and a half ago and I still haven't picked it up. Wondering if I made a mistake renewing!
    Anyway, Thank you for hosting!

  8. Hi Chaya,
    Never enough time for my magazine's either... The only cooking one I get is: Cook's Illustrated because it has seriously tested recipes and it has so many tips and technique advice it is like taking a cooking class everytime I read it.

  9. Hi Chaya, thanks for hosting and featuring the cheese balls and crackers. I do love getting magazines in the checkout line while shopping. Whenever I subscribes they do piled-up because it's hard letting them go :)

  10. I've read the Taste of Home family of magazines for years, and watch the Food Network all the time thinking, I really should subscribe to that one too...LOL :)

  11. Good morning Chaya,
    I'm sharing a blueberry cake today! Thank you for hosting!
    Have a lovely week!

  12. hi chaya, one of my favourite magazine is GoodFood!


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