Purim Fun

Yesterday, was the Jewish holiday of Purim.  Purim starts at sundown when we go to shul to listen to the Book of Esther being read aloud.  We return in the morning to hear it again.  While there are a number of specific customs and laws for this holiday, I want to focus on the dressing up and the giving of food.

I look at the day as one of exaggeration.  We dress up and get together for a festive meal and to party.  It is customary to give our gifts of food and usually we receive and give all kinds of packages.  I am sorry, I did not think to take a picture of the packages, we received but I did take one of what we gave to our neighbors and to my students.  For family members and other friends, I used fancy bags to pack the goodies in.

We received everything from homemade apple pie to sesame chicken and everything in between.  We received all kinds of drinks from soda to wine.  Lots of candy bars, snack bags and fruit crossed our doorway. 

There is no obligation to give so many packages but it has become a custom and a wonderful way of sharing and demonstrating friendship. The law is to give to at least one person and include two food items.  Another purpose of this gift is to make sure that everyone has food for the special meal which is why food for a meal is more appropriate than candy and snacks.

For my class, I made 4 different treats and added a box of sugarless gum.  I gave the block the makings of salad with a small bottle of apple juice.  The family was catered to according to their likes.

The party was fine.  This is how one of my kid's families dressed.  We had butterflies, Harry Potter characters, and Hawaiian beauties.  Dressed like this, how could it not be fun?

I made a yummy salad which I plan to share at another time.


    It seems you all enjoyed this wonderful holiday

  2. When I worked in a Yeshiva and we made Purim baskets with the kids it dawned on me..."So, that's where the idea of Easter Baskets comes from!"


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