Missing You For A Week

I will not be posting, this week, since we are making a wedding and busy is the key word.  I plan to join my Blogger Friends, next Sunday.


  1. Enjoy this time, and congratulations!!

  2. Hi Chaya, Unless the wedding you are working on is in Spain, and you've lost your wallet and need money, your email account chayathecomfycook [at] yahoo has been hacked! Hope no one falls for the story! Feel free to delete this comment, good luck with the wedding and the email account. :-)

    1. I got the same message! I came over here to see what was going on!

      I hope you are well and that email was not true! Enjoy the wedding, Chaya - I look forward to hearing about it :)

    2. I received that message as well. Was trying to figure out a way to get in though with you Chaya.

      Can't wait to hear details of the wedding!!

  3. I got the same email, Chaya.

    Enjoy the wedding preparations and the wedding too! Thinking of you :)


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