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Every three weeks, the Home Bakers make another coffee cake from "Coffee Cakes" by Lou Seibert Pappas. I really like this book. All the cakes have come out well and many have come our beautifully. This week the  Sun-Dried Tomato Pistachio-Polenta Cake, pg 68  was selected by Yvette, My Worldwide Culinary Adventure.  Please get the recipe from her site.    The Home Bakers  hosted by Joyce from Kitchen Flavours is the base of our operations.  Stop by there if you are interested in getting into the fun.

We eat nutty or fruity cakes and these coffee cakes fill the bill.  This week, our cake was a bit unique.  It is a savory cake which made me especially happy.  I love savory breads and cakes.

The polenta, sun-dried tomato, pistachio combination was a winner.  The flavors blended well.  Hubby loved it and that is always a good sign that the cake is a success.

I made this gluten-free so I used a mixture of brown rice flour, tapioca flour and potato starch for the flour portion.  Otherwise, I pretty much followed the recipe.

You really should come and join us.  These cakes are fun to make and good to eat and we would love to get to know you.  Go to the The Home Bakers  hosted by Joyce from Kitchen Flavours.

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  1. Lovely texture Chaya! I like your GF version. You have got a very nice even sponge like texture.

  2. Looks great, I can see the lovely texture.

  3. Now that I finished using up my leftover polenta I keep seeing these polenta recipes!

  4. It really looks wonderful!
    I've never baked polenta cake and I think that with dried tomato it must be taste great

  5. Fantastic looking cake!

  6. Hi Chaya,
    Your cake looks really nice with the gorgeous sunny colour. I'm so glad that your gluten free version has worked out so well too. Yes, this is a lovely savoury cake, I really enjoyed it the most when sliced into thin slices and toasted, really delicious!
    Have a great week!

  7. Your GF version of cake looks fantastic! Yum!


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